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Frequently Asked Questions

 We tried to anticipate questions you might have about our great SERVICES and provided the answers below.   If you need any additional information please contact us at:

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Is your company insured?

Yes, we are insured with over the required coverage for the state of Texas.


Is the bartenders TABC certified?

Yes, all bartenders and staff have completed the TABC certification.


What time should the staff arrive?

The staff should arrive 1 hour to set up and make sure the event is ready to receive your guests. Allow an hour after for the party clean-up.


What do I need to serve a full bar?uests?

Basic bar for  100 guests :                               

Red Wine(750ml) :                 12  to 15 bottles                      

 White Wine(750ml):               12  to 15 bottles

Champagne:                          10 bottles   ( if serving)                     
Beer:                                    120 bottles or 1 keg
Vodka:                                     4  bottles

Tequilla/Rum                           2 bottles

Gin:                                          2  bottle

2  bottles                             Whiskey:  2  bottles                                Scotch (blended):               1  bottle


15 to 20 bottles each for just  wine events average 2 to 3 drinks per guests.  Lemon and Limes, Club Soda, Tonic water, coke, diet coke, sprite or 7-up, vermonth, olives, and mixers. 

1 or 2 great bartenders


                                Conversion Scale:

 1 beer = 1 drink

 1 bottle of red wine = 4 to 5 drinks,  white - 4 drinks,

      1 bottle of  champagne = 4 to 5 drinks

 1 keg = 150 to 160 beers 12 to 16 ounce servings

 1 liter of liquor = 33 drinks         

                   (if serving an ounce per  drink)




 We specialize in great service and after party clean-up